Keynote presentations for adult audiences

Are you looking for a speaker that can provide gasps, laughs and solid content for your guests? Dr Matt's creative talks will deliver and energise the room. They are ideally suited to a conference keynote address or after-dinner entertainment. He is a TEDx speaker, corporate keynoter and after dinner entertainer.

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How to achieve the impossible
"That's impossible!" An assumption that limits achievement and wastes opportunities. In this talk Dr Matt will creatively unpack why we make that assumption and how to overcome the impossible. He will share some of the secrets of magic that can fast track innovation, boost employee productivity and create a wonderful customer experience. Utlimately increasing profits. By developing a magical mindset you will learn how to:

  • Overcome the "impossible"
  • Embrace disruption
  • Focus on the real magic
  • Be distinctive
  • Leave behind a memorable image
All linked to current psychology research, behavioural economics, business case studies and 18 years experience as a professional magician.

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Extra Sensory Deception
Knowledge is power? This talk will explore how knowledge of the human brain and simple science can be used to hide and seek information that would normally go unobserved. You too could be a Jedi master by reading minds and making objects vanish from sight.
See the 4* review from here.

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